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Large Cello Bags

Not all cello bags are created equal.

I’m sure you have seen them. Cello bags that are thin, wrinkled, and cloudy. Immediately you wonder if the item inside is shoddy. Your brain shoots up those red flags, “this product is questionable”. It’s time to move along.

It’s astounding how a small decision like your cello bag choice can intrinsically affect the quality and perceived value of your precious items.

Tired of the lack of quality, Hello Cello embarked on a mission to provide the creatives and card makers in Australia, the online stores and those on the street, the bakers and food artisans, and everyone around and in between, a five-star cellophane bag that wraps your items in the professionalism they deserve.

Our cello bags are made from top notch BOPP, and you can really feel the difference. No more flaky, crinkled cello bags. Your cello bags will be strong, crystal clear, acid free and more. Our large collection has a4 cello bags, a3 cello bags, a5 cello bags, c4 cello bags and dl cello bags.

Developed with you in mind, we understand that the cello bags exist only to accentuate your hard work, not to distract from it. Here, you product is the hero. Our cello bags make your work shine with that glossy deluxe look without the high-end price tag.

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