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Cello Bags Australia

Cello Bags

Perhaps you’re an artist. A jewellery designer. An expert baker. Maybe you have an amazing product that you want to sell. You have put your heart into something and it’s time to share it with the world.

And nobody buys.

You deserve better.

HelloCello is your number one fan. We exist to show off your product in the best way possible. Our crystal clear bags and thick crispy feel give your item that professional look.

We know our role is simple. To provide a professional product that both shows off and protects your item. But we take this role seriously. There are other providers of cello bags out there. But it’s our commitment to our community, the creatives and entrepreneurs, that make us a perfect fr for you. We want you to succeed. We want to be the ambassador for your product.

Our cello bags are lucky. They get to wrap themselves around the works of the most talented and creative people in Australia. It’s a privilege to service such a talented bunch, and the passion that we see in tour customers inspires us to do more. Sure we are but a humble product, but we aspire to be the best. And we are.

Sure you can find other cello bags out there. But most are as cloudy as a fog, with more scratches on them than your favourite pair of sunnies.

Our cello bags are as clear as glass. Our peel and seal tape makes opening and closing a breeze, with the promise of it staying closed and staying that way when you want it to. Our bags have that feeling you get when you hold something of quality.

And best of all, it’s priced fairly. Many of our bags are over 40% cheaper than the equivalent product sold in art stores. It’s win win. We get to hang out with the best entrepreneurs and creatives in Australia, and you get a product that helps you professionally display, store, share and sell your products to the world.

Let’s do this.


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